About Myself

Tof CVRue de la Ridale,  47
5081 Meux
Mobile: +32 496 52 95 94
Date of Birth: 30th January 1986




I am a serious young man, dynamic, motivated, passionate and invested in what I do. At this moment, I’m looking for a new opportunity, a job in which I will be able to learn new technologies, and express my full potential. Actually I have deep knowledge in Voice over IP and few month ago I started following courses towards obtaining a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. This has the objective to raise my skills, my expertise and have a critical view on the technology. I prefer working on a position like system/network administrator and network security even if I don’t have much experience in those fields it’s not a problem to learn ! Despite my low experience in those domains, my new study brought me new skills like Java developer (still a lot to learn) so why no restart my career as a developer ? If my profile interests you, do not hesitate to contact me!

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